6 Easy Hair-Dos for the Hurried Woman

When you are in a hurry, hustling out the door to get to class, pick up the kids, or even just running to the grocery store to pick up dinner you should look presentable. An good way to do this is with a quick, easy hair-do. There are a number of easy hair-dos that take less than 5 minutes. These looks will create a look that is nearly as easy as a ponytail, but look a little more put together.

  1. Top-Knot Messy Bun: This one works best with medium to long hair. Start it by pulling your hair into a high pony tail and then weaving the ends around into the elastic band. Add a scarf for a little extra showiness.
  2. Create a pull through ponytail. This easy hair-do is created by using a low ponytail and then inserting a hole by pulling the hair apart. Flip the long end through the hole and it will create a beautiful, yet easy look.
  3. The low bun. The low bun is best with longer hair, but works with medium hair as well. Twist your hair around to create a bun and use hair elastics and bobby pins to hold it in place.
  4. Do the same with a high bun and weave a scarf or headband in to create a uniquely beautiful look.
  5. A half braid creates another easy hair-do. Use some of your hair to pull up into a ponytail. Braid that section and then tie with with an elastic to secure in place.
  6. Throw on a sun hat, with a side ponytail or braid for another effortless look. Use a scarf to glam up any look.

Whatever you choose to do with your hair, any of these styles and more will allow you to leave the house with an easy, and comfortable look and no one will be the wiser that it only took a few minutes to do.

If your hair is curly consider leaving it to show off your natural look and just applying some frizz-ease or product to tame your look if necessary.  This easy hair-do can create an effortless morning for even the most busy woman.

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